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Colonic hydrotherapy treatment for symptoms of IBS

My doctor told me that this treatment may help me manage my IBS symptoms of bloating, cramp and wind more effectively.
This is more likely when patients have poor irregular eating habits such as eating too much sugar, processed food, eating late at night and not drinking enough water, and the best way to deal with this is by colonic irrigation.

Changing your diet after receiving colonic hydrotherapy

Many patients who receive colonic hydrotherapy feel that their reasons for this was to clean an there colon of any un-digested meat and dry facile matter.

What is Colonic Hydrotherapy

Colonic Irrigation Are you feeling tired, Sluggish and achy? Bloated, tired and irritable. Had

Uncomfortable bowl movements eased with Colonic

Hard to pass a bowel movements are connected to being dehydrated and are the most common in a patients suffering from constipation.

IBS can be contributed to dry faecal matter within the the large intestine.

Regular bowl movements?

Colonic hydrotherapist's state that regular bowl movements are a sign of an efficient bowl. If you're not sure of this patients should have 2 to 3 bowl movements a day.

After years of failed yoyo dieting, my good friend decided to take the plunge ( or the hose) and decided to partake in a spot of colonic hydrotherapy. Sounds painful I know but apparently it's a very healthy detoxification and I admired her bravery.